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Emma M, Sydney, February 2017

“I started Hypoxi as I was finding it frustrating that I wasn’t losing weight through regular exercise and training. I’d heard some ads on the radio and started to look into it. After 12 sessions I’d lost 15cm and about 2kg*.

Even with a busy work schedule I found it easy to fit in the 30 minute sessions, and used them as a way to zone out from work. So much more relaxing than trying to run on a treadmill.
In December 16 I spoke to Bohdana about my desire to lose more weight, especially around my stomach and we started talking about Isagenix. I needed a way of improving my diet, and essentially ‘resetting’ my food habits. After doing a lot of research, I completed my first 30 day program in early February 17 and was excited to see that I’d lost 33cm and 6kg*. For me it was an easy to follow program, and seeing the changes has been really motivating me to keep going and sticking with it. The Facebook group that Bohdana introduced me to have loads of hints and tips and I’ve found them so supportive and informative. I’m now onto my second 30 day program and am looking forward to seeing those results.

I’m keeping up my Hypoxi sessions in conjunction with Isagenix and have seen an improvement in my skin tone.”

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“A worldwide most targeted method for a beautiful body”

Thousands of people are signing up to HYPOXI as an alternative to their gym membership as they can achieve significant results in a shorter time frame.  It is perfect for those people needing to kick start their weight loss journey or for those who exercise regularly but just cannot seem to shift the weight from their problem areas.

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How Hypoxi works ?


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THE S120


Lower stomach, hips, buttocks & thighs
Recovery from training

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THE L250

Ideal for:

Cellulite or localised fat deposits
Losing baby weight

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Perfect for:

Skin tone & texture
Fluid retention & Cellulite

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Ideal for:

Stomach and hip region
“beer belly” & “baby weight”

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HYPOXI – the modern, low-impact exercise technology with quick, targeted results

*Individual results may vary

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