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Rima – November 2018

Lost 43.5cm in 25 cycling sessions

I am so thrilled with my results at HYPOXI Lane Cove. HYPOXI was the perfect exercise regime for me that fit into my busy lifestyle with a 2 year old and a baby. I was looking for the right fitness solution to help me shift my extra baby weight and quickly worked out that gyms, personal training and fitness groups weren’t the right fit for me with two young children in tow.
All staff at HYPOXI Lane Cove were extremely accommodating and friendly and encouraged me to bring my children whilst I did the low impact cycling. I followed their dietary guidelines and could only commit to twice a week even though the recommendation was three times a week. It proved extremely effective for me and was the weight loss jump start I needed.
It was quick, not strenuous and I would never have had these results, had I visited a gym for example twice a week, as Hypoxi’s 1/2 hour supercharged sessions would be my warm up time in gym.

Thank you to all the staff at HYPOXI Lane Cove. I will always be grateful for your friendliness, support and encouragement during my weight-loss journey.

*individual results may vary*

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THE S120


Lower stomach, hips, buttocks & thighs
Recovery from training

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THE L250

Ideal for:

Cellulite or localised fat deposits
Losing baby weight

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Perfect for:

Skin tone & texture
Fluid retention & Cellulite

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Ideal for:

Stomach and hip region
“beer belly” & “baby weight”

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*Individual results may vary

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