Still looking for the best way to kick off


HYPOXI Lane Cove & CBD 90 Pitt St (Wynyard) can help!

The legend has it that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. Well, we all know that it takes much longer for a lifestyle change to stick, especially if this includes changing your eating habits, attending the group gym classes and fitting the healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule.
Hypoxi is here to help you overcome some of these challenges and make a transition to healthier you a lot easier. Our low impact exercise together with the regular weight loss goals monitoring and a tailored nutrition plan will help you achieve your goals without too much stress and fuss. While you will start noticing changes after about four weeks, twelve or more weeks on a program will help you adopt healthier habits and achieve better and more sustainable results. And you will be amazed how much you will enjoy your HYPOXI sessions.

Join 12 weeks of HYPOXI plan and we will give you few extras to make your journey more successful!

Our program includes:

  1. Low-impact 30 minutes sessions three times a week (i.e. 36 sessions)
  2. Initial consultation to help you set appropriate weight loss goals. This includes:
    * Body and skin assessment
    * Initial body measurements
    * Photo session to help you monitor your progress
  3. Nutrition plan tailored to your needs together with food diary to monitor yourfood intake
  4. Fortnightly body measurements to keep you on track and monitor your progress

Join our program by 10 February 2020 and you will also get extra 3 FREE HYPOXI SESSIONS.