By Chloe Harris

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Losing weight can be challenging for anyone, but shedding kilos is a lot harder when you’re juggling kids and household chores. Not to mention the well-stocked fridge just a few steps away. Though you’re determined to get back in shape, you might be wondering why you do not see enough results. In this case, it’s essential to identify the little things that might hinder your weight loss plan.

1. You’re always In Your Sweatpants

Sweatpants may not highlight your best features, but they’re truly comfortable. You can throw them in the washing machine every day and still look and feel cosy. Plus, you cannot easily see your lifestyle’s effects on your body, given its loose shape

2. Your Schedule Is Packed

Back in the day, you just had to decide whether to work out or not. Now, you have to prepare lunch boxes, pack extra clothing and toiletries, keep track of homework, etc. It’s tempting to use your free hours to chill rather than run on a treadmill. Here are some time management tips for stay-at-home moms.

3. You’re Eating Kid’s Food

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With all the climbing, running, and jumping around, kids burn calories fast. Moms usually have a slower metabolism. However, sometimes we’re tempted to consume what we prepared for our children. These meals are often more loaded with carbs than most “adult-friendly” meals.

Additionally, sometimes children take only a few bites and they’re done. What do you do to a steamy, cheesy plate of lasagne that’s been barely touched? You’d finish the leftover.

“Planning healthy meals could be the last thing on your mind. But it would be best if you start eating healthy as soon as possible. For busy moms, stay-at-home or working, you may want to consider affordable customised meal plans that can be delivered to their doorsteps each day.”, advises Luke Wood, holistic health expert at Monkeyfoodz.

4. You Don’t Have Time For Exercise

Between classes, feeding time, doctor’s appointment, and playdates, there’s no more time for a workout routine. This means you’re not burning much fat and are increasing your risk of various health problems due to lack of physical activity. Find out here how you can shape and tone your body with a low impact exercise.

5. You’re Eating While Watching

Watching kids play and do other stuff can be tedious—but you can’t take your eyes off them, or they’ll scribble your walls with crayons! Many are guilty of opening a bag of chips or eating unhealthy foods while supervising kids. To avoid this, don’t forget to prepare healthy snacks for yourself too. Stash your fridge with some carrot, cucumber and celery sticks, wholegrain crackers, unsalted nuts, or any other nutritious nibble.
Whether you’re juggling career and motherhood or have decided to be a full-time mom, being a mom is a noble job. And you can do more if you’re healthy and confident. Of course that isn’t easy! But try to take these tips one at a time and you’ll definitely see improvements.