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Road test: will 12 sessions of Hypoxi really burn fat and visibly reduce cellulite?

One Vogue editor, four weeks, 12 sessions and centimetres lost all around. “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” Someone I hadn’t seen in a while said this to me the week after I finished 12 sessions of Hypoxi. It was a compliment I wasn’t expecting to receive. Sometimes it’s hard to notice changes in your own body until someone else points them out (or measures them, but more on that later.) The ‘whatever’ I was doing was 50 minutes, three nights a week for four weeks at a Hypoxi studio.
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Is Alcohol Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Article at My Fitness Pall

When you’re trying to lose weight, the standard advice of “eat fewer calories than you burn” still largely applies, but not all calories are created equal when it comes to the effect on your body. For example, 300 calories of broccoli will have a different effect on your blood sugar and

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5 Reasons to Curb Sugar Intake — Beyond Empty Calories

Article at My Fitness Pal

When it comes to weight management, refined sugar in all its forms — high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, rice syrup, sucrose and many others — is certainly one of the top items to get knocked off an eating list.

Harvard University’s School of Public Health suggests that to achieve a healthy weight, you

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When it comes to December – nothing is more quintessentially summer than a cold cocktail. Bonus points if you’re sipping it poolside. The problem is, many of the classic go-to’s are laden with sugar and other nasties that will sabotage your hard earned results.

But have no fear, HYPOXI is here with 5 low-carb cocktail recipes

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By the time December rolls around and the decorations go up, so too do the number of social invitations that bombard our inbox at this most wonderful time of the year. When the silly season is in full swing, generally, our alcohol consumption is too. But don’t freak out, because you can still enjoy alcohol

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8.4KG & 78 CM GONE IN 8 WEEKS!

And just like that, our very first HYPOXI 8 Week Transformation has been and gone, leaving a trail of trim and toned bodies in its wake. We couldn’t be prouder of the hard work and commitment each of our amazing participants put in, and we hope you’re enjoying your hard earned results.

While we wish we

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They say confidence is the best makeup a girl can wear, and quite frankly, we couldn’t agree more! When you feel good, you look good, but that’s far from a coincidence. Your exterior is usually a reflection of your interior… think about. You know those inevitable off days we all have? Maybe you woke up

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The HYPOXI approved Christmas dessert Laura Dundovic swears by

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which means it’s time to start planning the menu! When December rolls around, so too does a plethora of lip smackingly good sweet treats that go hand in hand with the festive season. Rum balls, fruit mince pies, plum pudding and of course who could forget… white

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5 Foods That Curb Sugar Cravings

Published at MyFitnessPal Blog

Today’s food landscape is rife with quick, cheap access to sugar whenever we are craving it — and even when we aren’t. Grocery and convenience stores are stocked with cookies, candy, sugary beverages and other sweet snacks strategically placed at the checkout prompting unhealthy impulse buys.

Vending machines dispense sugary sodas and

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6 Appetite-Control Strategies that Helped Me Stop Overeating

Published at MyFitnessPal Blog

It can be hard not to overeat. You eat a healthy meal at home, think you’re doing well, then you head out (to almost any destination) and are surrounded by junk food. You get hungry, and pretty soon you’re at the local burger joint, diet forgotten.

Or maybe you stick to the