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After a tough year with Covid restrictions, starting a new job, and yo-yo dieting for many years, Heidi knew it was time to change.

Having previously done HYPOXI to shape up for her wedding, she knew it worked.

She was pleased to discover there was a studio nearby and when

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How to stay healthy over the long weekend

With Easter almost upon us, so too comes a long weekend. And with the Easter long weekend, so too comes an abundance of treats and activities that can often get in the way of our regular routines. But have no fear, because HYPOXI is here, and we’ve compiled a list of our top tips and

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6 science-backed mood boosters to try before breakfast

Do you wake up firing on all cylinders? Or are you more of a groggy, foggy “I’m just not a morning person” person? Here are six ways to start the day right, before you even think of having your morning coffee.

(Original article at AIA – link:

How do you start your day? Do you leap

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5 Weight-Loss Struggles of Stay-at-Home Moms

By Chloe Harris

Losing weight can be challenging for anyone, but shedding kilos is a lot harder when you’re juggling kids and household chores. Not to mention the well-stocked fridge just a few steps away. Though you’re determined to get back in shape, you might be wondering why you do not see enough results. In this

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Bedtime Snacks That Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Generally, you don’t want to eat too much right before bed, as it can negatively impact your sleep. But if you are going to snack after dinner, there are certain foods that are better than others—including some that just might help you get more (and better quality!) sleep.

So, if you’re looking for your bedtime snack

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Announcing the 8 Week Transformation Winner

See how Toni shed centimetres, cellulite and kilograms in only 8 weeks!

When we launched our national 8 Week Transformation competition in mid-September 2020, we knew we would witness some incredible transformations. And we weren’t disappointed!

This year, nearly 500 people signed up to transform the way they felt by committing to HYPOXI sessions each week for

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Ask the Dietitian: What’s the Best Carb, Protein and Fat Breakdown for Weight Loss?

Article published at MyFitnessPal – link to original article

Between the different diet trends and conflicting research findings, it seems we’re more confused than ever about what and how much to eat, particularly when it comes to the three key macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fat. While there’s no one magic combination that will make the pounds

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How to beat carbs cravings ?

Do you feel your sugar and carb cravings are getting the better of you? Here are some simple tips that might help you overcome them:

Know and avoid hidden sugars, these will keep you in a craving cycle.
Remove all temptation foods from your environment.
Unless you’re preparing a meal, stay out of the kitchen.

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Why Undereating Won’t Actually Help You Lose Weight

Written by Chloe Harris.

People usually associate weight loss with cutting down calories. While it is true that decreasing your caloric intake results in reduced weight, we can only take this logic that far. Self-imposed dietary restrictions don’t always yield good results. And regularly starving yourself can put your health and general well-being at risk.

David Taylor,

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Hypoxi: Weight Loss in Sydney CBD – Honest Review!

Written by Catrina McGrail
Was your gym closed because of Covid and their booking system changed and you can’t seem to get to “your” classes? Or are you still bit anxious to go back there due to the thought of too many people around you?
Perhaps you never go to the gym but you've decided now you