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Mid Year Goal Check-in

Hands up those of you who start every new year with a long list of health and fitness resolutions you’re determined to uphold? Now keep your hand up if you get to March and realise you’ve fallen off the bandwagon? FYI – our hands are up too. Our point is, that you don’t need a

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Touching client testimonial

My name is Petra and I am 49 years old.

10 years ago I was diagnosed with Lipoedema, a rare disorder characterised by symmetric enlargement to the legs, due to deposits of fat beneath the skin. However long before my diagnosis, I lived with pain and swelling in my legs.

While I would have been happy

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Quotes people who hate cardio will understand

When it comes to exercise, there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who love cardio, and those who don’t love cardio. No second guessing, which category we here at HYPOXI fall into. So if you prefer to workout in the comfort of a HYPOXI studio, sans all the sweat, don’t worry, we

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Immunity Boosting superfoods

When winter descends upon us, so too does the inevitable cold and flu season that can knock us for six. They say that prevention is the best medicine, so try and keep your health in tip top perfect condition this winter by incorporating the following list of immunity boosting superfoods into your diet. The best

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Low carb winter warming breakfast

When it comes to a warming winter breakfast, nothing is quite as comforting as a big old bowl of porridge. But on your HYPOXI days, when oats are off the table (both literally and metaphorically) try sinking your spoon into this low carb winter warming breakfast alternative, that will comfort you from the inside out.

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Result of the HYPOXI – Lipoedema study – Hypoxi Austria

Eight women who suffer from lipoedema completed HYPOXI-Training (combined training, HYPOXI-Trainer S120 or L250 and HYPOXI-Dermology) for four months in an authorized HYPOXI-Studio....

4 Podcasts that will give you confidence

Podcasts are having a serious moment, and whether it’s your morning commute, your afternoon walk or even while you’re spinning away in your HYPOXI session, a podcast is the perfect way to zone out. But with so many available for the choosing, finding one to binge listen to can be daunting and overwhelming! So we’ve


Smart low-carb food swaps

When the temperature drops, so too does our desire for fresh summer salads and slurp-worthy smoothies. Cue the inevitable winter cravings for carb heavy, calorie laden comfort foods. But step away from the lasagne! While these foods are totally fine in moderation (#balancebaby), reaching for a bowl of creamy pasta every night is not going

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Low Carb Zucchini Hash

If you’re looking for a winter warming breakfast, that will satisfy the comfort food cravings sans guilt, stop the search. This spiralized zucchini hash is the answer to all of your low carb dreams! This delicious and nutritious dish is not only big on taste, but thanks to its low carb content, is also 100%

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Anti-Aging during the Menopause

Article originally published by Hypoxi Salzburg, Austria
HYPOXI – Complementary Treatment for Menopause. Time to adapt your physical activity and dietary habits to the challenges of the Menopause, induced by hormonal changes.
Wisdom, goodness and serenity may grow as you get older, but the same isn’t true for many of your hormone levels. During Menopause, lower levels of oestrogen