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When it comes to achieving your goals, the game is just as much a mental one as it is a physical one.

1. Visualize and connect to your end goal
Mental imagery—the kind that involves imagining success—has long been employed by professional athletes to boost their strength, confidence, and results. Practising

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As if an all expenses paid trip to a beautiful island wasn’t incentive enough to enter our ultimate getaway, here are 5 reasons we’re absolutely mesmerised by The Maldives
1. Spectacular sunsets

You haven’t seen a sunset, until you’ve seen a Maldivian sunset. A mesmerizing experience to say the very least, the

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5 Effective Ways to Keep Weight Off

Losing weight is only half the battle, and for many HYPOXI clients, the real challenge lies in keeping it off long term. Because we want you to succeed just as much as you do, we’ve compiled five of our top tips and tricks that will not only help you lose

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Meet our ambassador Laura Dundovic

When it comes to leading Aussie ladies who embody the HYPOXI values, there are few who fit quite as perfectly as our new ambassador Laura Dundovic – we go together like (low carb) bread and butter. Her holistic approach to health and wellness is as refreshing as it is inspiring,

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5 Herbs to boost your Hypoxi Results

Did you know that herbs are beneficial for so much more than just the flavour of your food? Nutritionists say that adding certain herbs to your meals can help you curb your appetite and speed up your metabolism, which is a key process in the fat burning sequence.

So spice up

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What 1,500 Calories Looks Like [Infographic]

Trying to clean up your diet and cut calories? A budget of 1,500 calories a day can be pretty satisfying when you fill up on nutrient-rich foods like produce, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. Here’s a sample menu with some of our users’ favorite MyFitnessPal recipes to show

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4 Signs You’re Eating Too Little When Trying to Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s pretty cut and dry, right? Cut as many calories from your diet as possible. Unfortunately, it’s possible to eat too little, which not only makes it harder for you to achieve a healthy weight, but can also cause other health problems.
Original Article published

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10 Things to know before trying a new diet

While many trendy diets are popping up, there is no one-size-fits all diet for everyone.
Your diet of choice should depend on — and make sense for — your lifestyle and your goals. Here, we break down key things to know to find the best diet for you.

10 Things to

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The Big Dangers of Belly Fat

Article My Fitness Pal –  BY ELIZABETH MILLARD AUGUST 3, 2018

Many people want to whittle their midsections to look better and fit into that next-size-down pair of pants. But reducing belly fat brings many more benefits than just aesthetics — you could be significantly reducing your health risks.

Although getting to,

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Smartest Loser Alexandra’s on how HYPOXI get her in shape!

Original Article published at Body Smart    (

August 12, 2018

Being a supermom isn’t easy. And baby weight is the hardest to shift. We understand that the secret to being a great mother is sometimes looking after yourself first.

Meet Alexandra,  our Smartest Loser and a 43 year old mom of 1 who although

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“Find your motivation with HYPOXI and give it your best”

Dubai Hypoxi “smartest loser” – client Julia is all smiles after her amazing results with HDC. Read more about her story published at Body Smart, Dubai….

Posted on May 13, 2018 by BodySmart

Do you feel like you have reached a point in life where you are so low on confidence that

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Why Your Weight Isn’t Budging Even Though You’re Exercising

Another interesting article at MyFitnessPal this week….

Are you working out endlessly only to have the number on the scale never budge — or even worse, go up?  This frustrating effect is actually quite common. Before you give up on working out, see if any of these reasons might be to

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When it comes to weeknight dinners, the quicker and easier the better, right?
But contrary to popular belief, fast food doesn’t have to be full of fat, and these low carb pumpkin fritters are proof that you can still whip up a delicious and nutritious dinner in less than 20-minutes flat.

Pumpkin Fritters

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What’s the go with bulletproof coffee?

With coffee menus at cafes and restaurants now almost as long as the wine lists, the choices and variety available should keep any coffee-drinking palate excited. Different brews, different kinds of milk, with or without sugar, added butter……
hang on, added butter (grass-fed mind you)… Since when did BUTTER

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Roasted Cauliflower, Thyme & Walnut Soup

Things may be cooling down outside, but they’re heating up in the kitchen and what better way to welcome winter than with a big ol’ bowl of creamy cauliflower soup? When the temperature drops, the cravings for comfort food rises – but instead of tucking into a bottomless bowl of

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Model, Naturopath & Nutritionist, Bonnee Fahlstrom write on social media about HYPOXI:


I have always had problem areas on my lower half of my body… No matter how hard I train or yoga or clean eat, it’s genetic and I’m now ok with that, but it’s good to try a machine that specifically targets the lower half of the body by improving

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What Lunch With 30 Grams of Protein Looks Like

Article at My Fitness Pal Blog

While a healthy breakfast can set you up for a productive start to the day, a high-protein lunch, rich in healthy fats and tons of veggies is key to staving off that 3 p.m. slump and keeping your energy levels high all afternoon.

Protein’s staying power

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Should You Weigh Yourself? 3 Signs to Step Off the Scale

Article from My Fitness Pal Blog 

About a decade ago, I quit smoking a pack a day and started eating a pint of ice cream every day instead. After six months of being fueled by cookie-dough varieties and whimsical Ben & Jerry’s choices, I ditched the frozen treats as well.


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Avocado Mash with a Twist

Here at HYPOXI we love and enjoy Japanese food, however, when it comes to losing a few KGs, high-carb sushi and udons are best eaten occasionally. We decided to bring Japanese flavor to the good old mashed avocado.

Avocados are naturally rich in healthy fats, which contribute to better levels of

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Hit a Workout Plateau? Read this!

Hands up all those who have ever hit a fitness plateau? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before, and know how frustrating it is when your go-to health and fitness routine stops garnering the same results that it used to. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back (and your butt) and

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The Most Dangerous Fat Is the Easiest to Lose

Another great article published at My Fitness Pall
It’s every weight loss enthusiast’s dream to zap belly fat but, far from pure vanity, there’s actually a reason why having a lot of fat in the abdominal region can be dangerous. Fat is stored all over our body, but how does an

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6 tips how to maintain your healthy habits over Easter

Easter break is fast approaching. Amelia Phillips, fitness and nutrition expert and co-founder of Voome, shares her top tips on how to maintain your healthy habits and how to best avoid over-indulging over EASTER.

An interesting article published at Body & Soul has got those 6 tips how to enjoy those

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12 Healthy Foods that Fill You Up Best

Yes, there are some great healthy foods that make this happen. Our Hypoxi Team came across an interesting article published on My Fitness Pal that talks about different food groups that helps you fill you up best. A few researches from Universities have listed 12 healthy foods that can help

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Could overtraining sabotage your results ?

Once we set our mind on achieving our weight loss goals, we are determined to push ourselves in new ways.
Three HYPOXI Sessions a week, balanced diet and active lifestyle are great ways to get to your ideal weight and size.

However, some of our clients like to do another type of

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Asian Pork & Greens

Eating more greens is part of any weight-loss program, HYPOXI is no exception!
Bored of broccoli? Think kale is too bitter? Bok choy may be your new go-to superfood.

Its mild, sweet flavor and crispy texture make it a great addition to any dish, as well as an alternative to other leafy

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Beauty experts love Hypoxi!

Working as Beauty & Health Director at Vogue Australia for nearly six years, Sigourney knows a thing or two about health, beauty and wellness.

Working as a beauty director, Sigourney could see how much confusion and intimidation there was around different body treatments and exercise fads. Hundreds of options all claiming

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When mexican cravings strike…

Let’s taco’ bout those Mexican cravings… Because we’ve got a way can make your mexi healthy! We’ve got your back (and your belly) with this delicious and nutritious dish that will become a regular on your weekly dinner rotation.
Make Mexican Egg Scramble!

100% HYPOXI Friendly, light & quick to make!

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Your six pack shortcut

Do you want to know the secret to fab abs?
Abs are having a serious moment, no if’s or but’s about it, and whether you want to tighten and tone them for summer or get them looking chiselled for that special event, a pair of fab looking abs is one fitness

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Benefits of a healthy sleep routine

Feeling tired from not enough sleep or not sleeping properly ?
Do you feel you don’t have enough energy for your training, work and weekends ahead? Do you think you would benefit from getting your sleep pattern in order? Developing a healthy sleep routine doesn’t take long. It can be very

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Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza

If you’re training at HYPOXI this year, you’d better make friends with cauliflower pretty quick!
Since embarking on a low carb diet (only on your HYPOXI days) means giving up many filling comfort foods like pasta, rice, and potatoes and that can be really tough for some. But good old cauliflower

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Guilt free summer drinks

So many of us are starting the New Year off trying to be healthier and maybe lose a few kilos.
Liquid calories are a dieter’s worst nightmare, but there are ways to cut back on them if you still want to have a drink now and then. We have a couple

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Have you ever felt like one week you are ON FIRE – kicking goals, sticking to your routine, eating well, training hard, happy as Larry (whomever that is) only to find that the week after – all motivation has dissipated? You are constantly tired, lack energy and the thought of

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A bliss bowl is a colourful dish of raw and cooked veggies, including leafy greens, beans, grains, seeds and fermented pickled, with a dressing of your choice.

We love experimenting with various ingredients and this is one is probably our favourite.

Shredded carrot (1/2)
Pan-Roasted Baby Carrots
Avocado (1/2)
Lentils (canned

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My training at Hypoxi Circular Quay by Amouraimee

Aimée Wice, our client is also a beauty junkie, fashion fanatic, health and fitness freak and a blog writer. Aimee is living in Sydney and you can read her review on her Hypoxi training at our studio at Circular Quay ..

November 26, 2017 – Published in

When the first whisper

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Could sleep be stopping your weight loss efforts?

Could sleep be stopping your weight loss efforts?
We understand that even with the very best diet and fitness routine, if your sleep is off, even your very best weight loss efforts could go to waste! We frequently witness client complaints of controlling hunger, continually craving sweets and always needing to eat to give them energy. Despite

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Outsmart your cravings with these food swaps

Cravings are important messages sent by your body and completely ignoring them might just make you binge later on. Let’s look at a few common cravings and how to tackle them in a smart way. At HYPOXI, we believe that every craving can be satisfied by a simple, healthy food

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Use this tip – These 5 Foods is best to avoid pre-exercise

An interesting article, published at Fitnesspal Blog, about some common foods in our diet that can be possibly causing problems if you eat them before exercise. Which type of foods are they?

We’ve all been there: You’re just gearing up to crush a workout, and then it strikes. “It” being the

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BEST TAKEAWAY TIPS for when you can’t be bothered cooking

With long days at work and  busy social calendars (for your OR your kids!), there are multiple reasons why a detour via the drive-through on the way home may look appealing.
However, before you take the plunge, have a think about what it might be doing to your waistline and what

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The days are shorter, the air is colder, and somehow your jeans have become a bit more snug. Seasonal weight gain varies from person to person, but certain phenomena during the colder season tend to tip the scales in a less desirable direction for most.
Still hesitating if HYPOXI is right

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Most of us have been seduced at some time in our life by the glossy magazine diets promising maximum weight loss for minimal effort.  It is hard to resist their allure, but do quick-fix diets deliver the results we really need?  Fad diets are designed for short-term weight loss, that

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Sugar shock: 9 foods that pack a sugar high

We’ve always known eating too much sugar contributes to weight gain and tooth decay, but since the concept of ‘toxic sugar’ hit the mainstream, it’s now considered the number one dietary villain.

With sharply rising rates of obesity and diabetes, the evidence is steadily mounting: sugar is the contributing factor to

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HYPOXI-Lipoedema study results

Lipoedema is is a condition that makes you accumulate fat below the waist, often giving you hips, buttocks and legs that are out of proportion with your upper body. It can also affect your arms.
It is believed that 11% of the female population may suffer from some degree of Lipoedema.


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The subtle mummy’s Hypoxi journey


Zoe George is as subtle as a brick in the face (her words, not ours). A mum of two under two, she shares her life honestly and with # nofilter. Below is a taste of HYPOXI in her own, entertaining words.

“Let me

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Cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. Cellulite forms in areas with the least circulation so it means that without activity, it’s very hard to budge. It is most noticeable on the buttocks

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Empowering mums to be their most awesome selves

Becoming a Mother is a fundamental change in a woman’s identity. Well it was for me. I quickly realised that ‘Mum’ was a huge part of my new identity – whether I was ready for it or not. Embracing my new identity, along with the responsibilities and emotions of motherhood

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Trust us, you’ll want these unique and inspiring women in your feed! They’re real mums whose posts you’ll instantly relate to, with all the struggles, highlights and ups and downs of being a mum.
Being awesome mums isn’t all they share in common, they’re also all beautiful, strong, inspiring yet down

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4 differences between HIIT vs HYPOXI

You are at the beginning of the year and you are probably wondering what exercise to do. There are SO many out there and they all cater to various needs. You want to be fit but you also want to be lean. You don’t want it to be strenuous yet

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Grain-free Protein crepes

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, yet we often find ourselves less than inspiring when it comes to breakfast options… This healthy protein crepes breakfast recipe will change that!


1/4 cup coconut flour

2 tbs chia seeds, ground

2 eggs & 3 egg whites

1/4 cup almond milk

1/2 tsp baking

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How to master the art of mindful eating

The concept of mindful eating has been around for ages, but as more people embrace their health and wellbeing, the idea of ‘considered consumption’ is on the rise.
So what’s the drill with mindful eating? It means you take care with what, when and how you eat. It helps reduce over-eating,

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Dont make THIS mistake this January!

‘Get healthy’ was the number #1 resolution for 2017 according to the data pulled from Google by iQuanti.

This is no surprise, it consistently tops the list almost every year. But what big mistake are we making that it needs to remain on our new years resolutions list year after year?