Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not the enemy. While limiting them on your scheduled HYPOXI days for maximum results is recommended, we don’t believe in cutting entire food groups and believe carbs should be part of a healthy and balanced diet.

But akin to fats, not all carbs are made equally. In the same way we opt for healthy fats found in things like avocado, nuts and eggs, unrefined carbs- aka, those found in their natural state like grains, fruits and vegetables are or preferred source.

Sweet potato 


Sweet potatoes are rich in a whole host of essential vitamins and nutrients including vitamin A Vitamin C, Potassium and antioxidants. Plus, they’re one of the most versatile veggies going around, so you’ll never get sick of them (mash them, bake them, roast them, fry them, puree them).



When Quinoa burst onto the superfood scene, it stole the spotlight, and with very good reason. Not only a great substitute for rice, quinoa is also very high in fiber and protein, unlike it’s carbohydrate counterparts – rice and bread.


What better way to start the day than with a big ‘ol bowl (or mason jar) of oats? Taste aside, there are an abundance of other health benefits, which make oats one of our favourite breakfasts including their high fiber content, ability to lower blood sugar levels and ability to keep you feeling fuller for longer.


Often slandered for their high carb and sugar content, bananas offer a whole host of health benefits that make them one of our favourite carb sources. Packed full of vitamin B6, potassium and manganese, they make the perfect edition to your daily diet.