Hips, Buttocks & Thighs

The L250

Ideal for :

  • Pear-shaped women
  • Women with cellulite or localised fat deposits
  • Mums struggling to lose baby weight
  • Women and men who do not enjoy the gym but want results
  • Women looking to get in shape for that special day

Did you know almost 85% of women say that they find it hardest to lose weight from the lower abdominal area, the hips and thighs?

Women are predisposed to store fat in these areas to aid the body during pregnancy. The L250 targets the hips, buttocks and thighs, by applying advanced vacuum therapy to these specific areas during the session.

The L250 is perfect for all fitness levels, even those who have not exercised for some time and are finding it hard to get active again. If you consider yourself a pear shaped woman, the L250 is for you. As you lie down in the L250 device, this treatment is the perfect solution for someone who has not exercised for some time, someone who is not a fan of intense cardio activity or someone who has recently gained weight (e.g. during pregnancy).

The central component of the L250 is the ergometer encased within a vacuum chamber. Programmed by a fully trained and experienced operator, the vacuum pressure is set to a rhythm which best suits each individual’s physiological requirements. Whilst gently cycling, the low atmospheric pressurised chamber artificially stimulates blood supply to the fat tissue around the hips, buttocks and thighs, where it is enriched with fatty acids. The programmed vacuum interval then accelerates the transport of blood to the muscles being exercised. During the 30 minute program, fatty acids are transported directly from the problem zone and consumed by the body as fuel for movement. In this way, the L250 promotes circulation, tones the skin and diminishes fat in the desired, hip, buttock and thigh region.

*Disclaimer: Individual Results may vary