I have always had problem areas on my lower half of my body… No matter how hard I train or yoga or clean eat, it’s genetic and I’m now ok with that, but it’s good to try a machine that specifically targets the lower half of the body by improving circulation to burn fat in that specific area. I also LOVE that Hypoxi is a Cellulite buster….
The Dermology suit has a lymphatic massage that works on calming your central nervous system and detoxing you. M
It is a holistic, non-invasive treatment that simulates a deep tissue massage. ❤️ HYPOXI pods have a cult following and are worthy of the hype! They are the ultimate fat and cellulite burner!!! I am SO thankful @hypoxibalgowlah has given me the opportunity to try improve and feel better about these annoying insecurities, that I haven’t been able to target!
Bodies are BEAUTIFUL in all shapes and sizes but ladies, we all have those areas we would like to fix and if it makes YOU feel confident for the right reasons, then do what makes you happy.

That’s my view so LOVE your body…. I Love LOVE HYPOXI ”


Source: Hypoxi Australia FB Page