Trust us, you’ll want these unique and inspiring women in your feed! They’re real mums whose posts you’ll instantly relate to, with all the struggles, highlights and ups and downs of being a mum.
Being awesome mums isn’t all they share in common, they’re also all beautiful, strong, inspiring yet down to earth. They don’t take life too seriously or try to hide the less glamorous side of being a mum. And once you start following them they literally feel like your closest girlfriends.
These Modern Mums are also sharing their HYPOXI journeys, so follow the links to their blogs and socials to see what they really think!

In no particular order:

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Chances are you’ll already recognise this amazing mum – Christie started on Home and Away when she was just 14 and was a “Summer Bay” resident for 6 years… She’s accomplished a lot in her career and life, but in our opinion the most challenging and ambitious feat she’s taken on (and nailed) was falling pregnant just six weeks after the birth of her first beautiful child!

Christie’s now a mum to two gorgeous boys and after enjoying being a stay-at-home-mum for 2 years has now passed that role onto her husband. She has recently picked up the microphone at i98FM as host on the Marty, Christie & Crammy morning show.


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FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | www.meohmymum.com.au

Siobhan Rennie is the founder and editor of MeOhMyMum.com.au – a lifestyle blog that has Mums covered for all things beauty, fashion, interiors, wellness and fitness.

So many of us can relate to Siobhan’s stories of transitioning from corporate life (which she loved) to becoming a stay at home mum. Siobhan writes candidly and openly about struggles with post-natal depression and anxiety – sharing her journey and experiences to empower others, and reassure Mums that it’s okay to not be perfect (in fact, we need to embrace it and not give in to the pressure we often place ourselves).


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FACEBOOK  |  INSTAGRAM  |  www.thesinglemumdiaries.com

Leila is an inspirational woman. When her partner left her when she was just 13 weeks pregnant, she dealt with some pretty difficult emotions (as you can imagine). Pulling through that period of her life with stoicism and positivity, Leila has used those experiences to create an amazing tribe of women that connect, support and inspire each other through pregnancy and motherhood.


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FACEBOOK  |  INSTAGRAM |www.stylendipity.org

Katherine is a super ambitious and driven woman. She’s mum, wife and a lawyer, who has also created a wildly successful fashion blog – Stylendipity.com.au.

Her Instagram and blog are the ultimate in outfit inspo for all the ‘hats’ we wear as mums – from corporate wear, brunch outfits, lounge attire, date night to play dates, she’s got it sorted.

But don’t worry, while Katherine has the knack of looking amazingly styled and put together for any occasion, she also has those “not getting out of my pajamas” days –  just like the rest of us.


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INSTAGRAM | www.bondimumma.com

As her name suggests Jodie’s profile is filled with beautiful pics of her and the family embracing the sun, sea and sand lifestyle of Bondi. Jodie’s just given birth to her 3rd bubba (congratulations!) and shares her day to day moments of being mumma to three energetic, fun loving and beautiful boys.



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FACEBOOK  |  INSTAGRAM  |  www.thesubtlemummy.com

The first time we heard about Zoe was on a blog post about her beautiful 11 month old waking her in a very unique (and vomit inducing) way… we won’t ruin the story because there’s no way we’d do it justice. If you want a good laugh (that may also hit close to home), head over to her blog and read the full story in her words.

Zoe’s a mum of two under two and once you read her posts you’ll get a sense of her infectious personality. Her tagline is aptly ‘as subtle as a brick in the face’ – she’s open and honest and share’s her life as it is with #nofilter.



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FACEBOOK  | INSTAGRAM | www.themummycode.com.au

It’s so easy to look at magazines, TV, social media and celebs and think that they make this whole motherhood thing look like a picture perfect, walk in the park kind of gig… Rachelle felt like this too, so started The Mummy Code.com.au to share all that stuff that happens behind the scenes that isn’t just so picture perfect.  She’s on a mission to be honest in sharing her stories; whether they make us laugh or cry.

Her mantra is that there is no ‘code’ or ‘formula’ to being a great mum or wife and we’ve all had our share of good and bad days. “At the end of the day, as long as everyone is happy, fed and healthy my job is done.” (Amen to that!!)



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FACEBOOK  |  INSTAGRAM | www.thestylingmama.com.au

Kelly is mum to not two, three or four but FIVE! She is epitome of a mum who knows how to multitask and embrace little life hacks to max efficiency. Kelly is the GO TO for styling tips for kids rooms, and with a girl and four boys between the ages of 11 and 3 she’s got most of the stages and phases covered. Her styling aesthetic is bright, fresh with playful bursts of bright colours.

Warning, you may find yourself 58 weeks deep in her feed with a shopping or inspiration list scrolling over a few pages!


These are the women who are inspiring us at the moment. They are all so very different, yet so similar. Give them a follow and let us know what you think!

And if you’re following any other amazing woman who would be a great addition to our growing community of Modern Mums – please share!