Cravings are important messages sent by your body and completely ignoring them might just make you binge later on. Let’s look at a few common cravings and how to tackle them in a smart way. At HYPOXI, we believe that every craving can be satisfied by a simple, healthy food swap. See our list below of foods we snack on when that craving hits!


SALTY cravings 
food swap

Kale chips


CRUNCHY cravings food swap

Flax crackers with avocado
Pickles (or any organic fermented vegetable)
Dried seaweed

SWEET cravings food swap

Organic coconut yogurt with berries and shredded coconut
Apples and almond butter
Frozen blueberries with protein almond milk (eaten like cereal)
A Medjool date with nut butter

CREAMY cravings food swap

1/2 avocado with pink sea salt
baba ghanoush
Coconut ice cream

Try to implement these into your diet and see how satisfied you will feel! No need to fight your cravings anymore, deprivation is SO last year.