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At this rate, I won’t be wearing a bikini this summer

As published in First World Beauty Problems

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“I came to quite a confronting realisation recently – that if I was spontaneously asked to go to the beach, I would have to decline the invitation as I am not yet comfortable in a bikini. I don’t know how it happened (…yes I do…I always eat cheese on toast and I hate exercise…) but it was just like one day I thought ‘this is not my body’. It feels like regular-Nicola is stuck in this other lazy-Nicola’s body and regular-Nicola desperately wants to wear bikinis and skanky dresses yet lazy-Nicola is all ‘whatevs’. I go through bouts of supreme fitness and eating healthy, where if I have a particular goal (be it a wedding I need to look amazing at or a photo-shoot I need to look particularly skinny) I’ll work towards that well. Then, (and almost every time…) I’ll notice that I’ve either toned up or lost weight or feel great and I’ll reward myself with McDonalds breakfast and wine BECAUSE I CAN. I completely understand how ridiculous and counter-productive that is and I also understand that it’s a lifestyle choice blah blah blah. I’m sure one day the things I understand will actually become my actions, and on that day I’ll celebrate with a kale smoothie, but today is not that day.

Rather, today is the day that I started using Hypoxi – my new secret weapon. I can achieve every girl’s aim – to look good in a bikini……….

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