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Everything you need to know about this low-impact fat burning exercise method

Celebs swear by this fit tech for losing centimetres – but does it actually work?

Published by Mellisa Sheddon in My Body & Soul

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Everyone has those stubborn areas that no amount of burpees or smoothie bowls, seem to budge. For us ladies, it’s typically around our twerking zone – think hips, bottom, belly and thighs.

Some of us deal – and accept that’s just my body shape. Others want to do something about it to shave those centimetres off (or at least try to). Enter – HYPOXI, a low impact, low intensity exercise method that combines movement with vacuum compression technology that claims to do just that.

Here’s the history of the training. In the mid 90’s Austrian sports scientist Dr Norbert Egger noticed health and fitness studio regulars were unable to change their shape despite intense exercise or a clean diet. (Actual footage of us.)

He roped in some other scientists and they create HYPOXI training, which basically uses compression and vacuuming around your problem areas to encourage blood circulation to those tricky areas which years of crunches and lunges just haven’t toned. Cue: burning those fat stores as energy.

The clincher is the training is also combined with strict nutrition guidelines to follow, like zero alcohol and caffeine on HYPOXI training days and no carbs (FYI – pumpkin counts as a carb in HYPOXI land) to be eaten in certain windows.

But here’s the thing. HYPOXI doesn’t work after just one session. You’ll be recommended to do 12 sessions – split into three sessions a week for about four weeks – so it is a big commitment if you’ve already got a packed schedule. But, celebs including Deborah Hutton, Jackie O, and Zoe Foster Blake have all put their name to the tech agreeing that if you follow the training and eating “it really does work.”

What can you expect from HYPOXI training?

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