Project Description

Hypoxi is so effective, even CELEBRITIES are happy to go on record with Hypoxi as their slim down-tone up regime of choice!

Sigourney Cantelo, Editor of Vogue On Twitter:

Just got measured @HypoxiAustralia and I’ve lost 18.1cm off my lower half after 14 x 30 minute sessions. Amazing results just in time for spring.

Ali Mutch, television presenter:

In February I suffered a broken and dislocated ankle so wasn’t able to exercise for 5 months. Normally being fairly active and involved in sports, I found I had lost a lot of toning and put on a few unwanted kilos! I was recommended Hypoxi by a friend and thought I’d give it a try as it was a low impact form of exercise that I could ease back into whilst still recovering from my injury. I really didn’t expect to see any results within the 12 sessions, but was shocked and pleasantly surprised to notice a difference after a few sessions!! My skin tone and overall muscle tone improved and once completed I had lost between 2 and 4cms on my thighs, legs and stomach… while catching up on the whole series of Sex in the City!! Doesn’t get much better than that!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hypoxi to people looking for weight loss, toning or just improvement in overall fitness. I’ll be booking in for more sessions and ready to jump into that bikini by summer!

Pia Miranda, Actress

I feel great. My skin looks great and my legs look toned. I am so happy with the results, I would definitely recommend Hypoxi. Its great especially if you want to kick start for summer, I feel so much healthier too.

Bianca Dye, media personality

A friend put me onto Hypoxi when I needed to lose weight fast for a TV audition and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve lost weight, and people have been noticing it for the last few weeks!

Charli Delaney, radio presenter and former Hi-5 singer

I’m a yoga addict but I think my body became too comfortable with it and Hypoxi has given it the boost it needed. I really noticed a difference with my bottom and waist… it’s the perfect way to target the ‘problem’ area! My legs also feel so much smoother. The treatment is my kind of exercise – laying down reading a mag!

Charlotte Gregg, Australian actress

I have tried everything on the market but never found anything that was safe and easy on my back other than Pilates. However, nothing had the fat burning results I experienced with Hypoxi… I haven’t been able to budge the weight since my injury until I discovered Hypoxi, and have now gained more strength around my back. I have lost many centimetres off my stomach, bottom and thighs and I’m so pleased with the added bonus of reduced cellulite and firmer skin tone. Hypoxi has been the answer to my ongoing dilemmas, and I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to achieve quick results with little effort and particularly to those with back problems that are looking for a solution to exercise in a pain free and monitored safe way.

Kathryn Eisman, television host and author

Who knew you could drop cms by watching sex in the city? With Hypoxi you can. Do 30 minutes of Hypoxi while you view your favourite TV show and watch the weight fall off you. I’ve signed up after seeing amazing results with my friends!