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The one work-out trick that made me confident enough to wear a bikini

November 30, 2016

For Australians, summer is one of the best times of the year. We get Christmas and New Year’s Eve combined with the perfect weather to head outdoors and hit our pristine beaches or explore waterfalls and swimming holes.

So, it’s obviously important that you feel confident enough to strip off your clothes and don a bikini or (this season’s must-have) a sexy one-piece swimsuit, but if you’re after a last-minute solution to your summer-body woes, you’ve got to read about real Fairy Alexis and her sweat-free trick to getting into a bikini (and quick)!

“After gaining over 20kg with each of my two pregnancies. I really was not feeling confident in myself or with my body. I had previously LOVED the gym and was all about the mantra ‘the higher intensity, the better,’ but after giving birth, my body just didn’t work how it used to. I suffered lower back pain and core issues and the thought of slogging it out at the gym just seemed too hard on my body, as well as impossible and I really didn’t even know the right exercises to do in order to shift my weight. My confidence was so low that I felt like a different person. I would even avoid swimming at the beach (which is one my favourite things to do) – because I felt so self-conscious!”


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