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We Tried: Sarah McGilvray (Nova100) Gave HYPOXI A Red Hot Go

What do you do if your alarm clock goes off at 4am and your work day starts at 5am? After entertaining crowds on radio the whole morning, lovely Sarah Mcgilvray did her Hypoxi session at our Hypoxi Lane Cove studio:

♦️ first having a relaxing massage in HDC, which stimulates her cell metabolism, improves skin tone & texture and significantly reduces cellulite
♦️then cycling in S120 – our machine for multitasking queens that helps your body to tap into stubborn fat stores and is up to 3x more effective than traditional exercise.

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Presented in partnership with HYPOXI.

I’d always been keen to try HYPOXI and when I was approached to trial the targeted programme, my curiosity got the better of me.

For those wondering, HYPOXI is a low impact exercise method that combines vacuum technology with exercise. I’d read the reviews and was excited to give it a red hot go and see what it was really like.

I arrived at the studio and was greeted by a team of friendly staff — they were all very kind and ready to answer any question I threw at them. We kicked off the session with a consultation. We discussed my goals and we ran through a nutrition plan to help complement the HYPOXI treatments. So far so good!


I got into an air tight body suit and lay down as they attached vacuum style suction tubes to the suit. They turned on the machine and it began to suck air in and out of the suit… it was a strange sensation but overall it was really relaxing. The team encourage you switch off your phone so you can properly relax… by the end of it, I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep (I could do this more often!).

Next, it was on to the L250. This targets stubborn areas around the hips, bottom, thighs, lower back and stomach. It was essentially a thirty minute cycling session, except you are lying down on your back inside a vacuum tube. Your heart rate and temperature are monitored throughout the workout and you’re encouraged to watch your fave show, listen to music or listen to a podcast.

Overall, it was a medium intensity workout that felt more targeted than anything I’d practiced before. It was encouraging to hear how much of an impact this targeted workout was having on my problem areas, even in such a limited time.

What did I think? It was really easy and fun! The staff were really supportive and tailored my workout to meet my goals. The nutrition plan was helpful and straightforward, and the exercises were really relaxing. I wasn’t totally sure of what I was doing but it instantly felt more effective than sweating it out at the gym. The best bit? It was quick and easy to fit into my day — a must when I’m trying to fit a workout into my busy, busy schedule.

Written By Rebecca O’Malley