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Why Deb became a fan of HYPOXI

Why Deb became a fan of HYPOXI
Is HYPOXI really that great?

Balance by Deborah Hutton has recently become a partner of HYPOXI –and you’re probably wondering if we’ve tried it out.

The answer is YES!
All brand partners at Balance are personally vetted by Deborah Hutton to ensure they deliver on their promises and can offer value for


Bridesmaid Olivia – here’s what happened after six sessions…

August 22, 2016 – Wedded Wonderland

It’s only two weeks in and our real Bridesmaid, Olivia has just been weighed and measured to see how her HYPOXI sessions are shaping up. Here’s what happened after just six sessions …..

I KIND of want to scream right now. 

Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong! I’m just SO excited!

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“I wanted to see if Hypoxi was also suitable for guys”

 “Hypoxi Australia Tested: Losing Weight As A Sweaty Vacunaut”
As published in Life Hacker , Aug 15, 2014

“I first heard about Hypoxi when my colleagues over at POPSUGAR tried the program in Sydney earlier this year. Intrigued by the technology, I wanted to see if Hypoxi was also suitable for guys. I don’t think I could

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Wedded Wonderland Magazine

5 things you need to do if you’re wearing a mermaid-cut wedding dress
January 4, 2017, Wedded Wonderland

If you’ve chosen a mermaid-cut wedding gown, congratulations! This style is one of the sexiest and most timeless options for brides. The silhouette is contoured to the body, structured to give you the perfect hourglass shape and at the


At this rate, I won’t be wearing a bikini this summer

At this rate, I won’t be wearing a bikini this summer
As published in First World Beauty Problems

“I came to quite a confronting realisation recently – that if I was spontaneously asked to go to the beach, I would have to decline the invitation as I am not yet comfortable in a bikini. I don’t know


3 spring beauty overhaul investments that actually work

As published in

ByRachel Sharp – October 6, 2015

The weather’s warming up where you live (hello, spring sunshine – we’ve missed you!) chances are you’re as ready for a total beauty overhaul as we are. Nothing helps you celebrate a fresh new season like shaking off winter’s bad beauty habits and giving your hair, skin and