A handful of success stories from the thousands of Australians who’ve designed their dream body using the HYPOXI – method *(Individual Results may vary)

Hypoxi can help you to regain your figure and your confidence.

Mi Lou – April 2021

The Hypoxi sessions are worth the money!

I lost all Covid kilos in 4.5 weeks and have a flat belly again. Bohdana (the owner) is very knowledgeable and welcoming person, always ready to help and answer any questions.
The HYPOXI Wynyard is well equipped – they can even do the 3D body scans to compare the before and after results!!

Mi Lou lost 4.5kg and 26.5cm in 4.5 weeks.

*individual results may vary*

Ms D – 8 week transformation 2020 FINALIST from our HYPOXI Lane Cove studio:

On New Year’s Eve I decided 2020 was to be a year of change. It was time to focus on me, to finally find balance in mind, body and soul. To start to undo the years of damage from stress, emotional eating and excuses. I was sick of being overweight, living on coffee to survive my week and being so unhappy.

I went back to HYPOXI CBD Wynyard in January, feeling awful at 102kg. Even though I wanted this change, I was struggling. And then Covid happened. And we all know what the next 6 months brought.  I saw the ad for the transformation program starting in September. Whilst I had started to eat better in August and going for walks, I needed to step it up to the next level and realised I really needed some support.

Having an 8-week challenge was perfect for me, there was as chance to win a prize! It was 8 weeks, sharing the experience with ladies across Australia, with guidance on diet and HYPOXI sessions 3 times a week. Easy!
HYPOXI created the outline and support, extended this with the Facebook group, weekly food plan and live sessions. Bohdana and the team at Lane Cove studio provided the support and weekly encouragement. At this point, I had no excuses. I tackled the challenge with vigour, determined to lose weight, look better and more importantly feel better.

The meal program was great. As a lover of salads and soups, I found this part easy. And the best part, I never felt like I was missing out. If I veered off the program, I forgave myself and started again. The HYPOXI sessions were easy and working from home made it a breeze to attend. Knowing that I was not alone made this process so much easier.

8 weeks have flown, and I really did find the process easy. I stopped making excuses and just believed in the plan. What I had not realised was that I was setting up new life changing habits. Reflecting I realised I was ready to make a change. I also learnt to be more patient with myself as it took years to put on and will take some time to undo.

I know this is obvious stuff, but instead of focusing on my long-term goal of needing to lose 40 kilos which seems impossible, HYPOXI broke it down into an achievable short-term goal. Just 8 weeks. And boom – I lost a quarter of the excess weight.  This has boosted my confidence that I can make lifelong change with small steps, and that each step is a step in the right direction. Those positive steps in the right direction add up.

I cannot believe that I have lost 10.4 kilos and 49 cms over the 8 weeks, and 15.8 kilos and 89cms this year!
Regardless of whether I am a finalist, I am already a winner. I finally believe that I can do this! And to celebrate the small wins along the way.

*individual results may vary*

Amy Johnson:

Hypoxi at Wynard has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have lost 5kgs and a total of 30cms in a month! So far I have seen a huge difference in my waist and thighs and I am really loving doing 3 combo sessions per week – they make all the difference!

I can’t thank the HYPOXI team enough for all their help and support 🙂

*individual results may vary*

Talita Terzian:

So far Talita has done 6 weeks of HYPOXI COMBO (HDC and cycling) and is very happy with losing her post-baby weight and fitting into her pre-pregnancy jeans

*individual results may vary*

Hnin Nandar:

A friend of mine highly recommended that I should try HYPOXI. After 2 pregnancies, no matter what I did, my stomach looked like 5 months pregnant. I thought I should try HYPOXI before I do Tummy Tuck. HYPOXI Lane Cove is near where I live, so chose to it to try HYPOXI. Lucky I did. The owner, Bohdana and her staff are very friendly, accommodating and helped me looking after my kids while I work out.

All of the clients I randomly met are mostly moms. They are also so nice and very friendly. I actually became best friend with one of their clients as well as our kids.

I lost 20cm within 8 weeks, more than 40cm (16kgs) within 4 months.

*individual results may vary*

Kate Allsop – January 2020:

Kate started her HYPOXI sessions 3 months ago and says:

I was 5 months post-partum and was looking for help with losing some excess weight loss. I’ve been doing combo sessions 3 times a week and have found the results really good. I was measured this morning and lost 21cm, my mid-section is noticeably firmer and I’m feeling great.

Kate is very busy mum of 3 young children and has done 36 combo session (HDC and cycling).

*individual results may vary*

Claire Thana – November 2019

I’m so happy and can’t recommend HYPOXI highly enough. The HYPOXI system is about targeting problem areas and it really works.

I have dropped from a size 12 to a size 8 in 24 sessions. I can fit into my summer cloths now and I haven’t spent a cent on new clothes.

Claire lost 30.5cm and 4.1kg in 24 combo sessions (2 months)

*individual results may vary*

Danielle Stern – October 2019

“Thank you HYPOXI for giving me a way to easily target some of my problem areas.

The staff at HYPOXI Wynyard are always very helpful and attentive, and I have found it a useful addition to my exercise routine.”

*individual results may vary*

Moe Omran – September 2019

I had a great experience with HYPOXI –

I lost 7 kilos already and still losing! 30 min work out that is equivalent to 3 hours at the gym.

If you’re looking to lose weight fast this is the place.

*individual results may vary*

Stephanie – August 2019

Getting fit is easy and enjoyable with Hypoxi. The 30 minute cycling sessions are a great way to wake up and start my day with an energy boost.

In just 12 cycling sessions I lost 12 cms, leaving me feeling trim and ready for my upcoming vacation!

Thanks to the team at HYPOXI Wynyard for always making the experience so welcoming and effortless.

*individual results may vary*

Emma Fergusson- July 2019

Hypoxi Lane Cove has been an amazing experience. One I wasn’t expecting to continue on for so long. I have lost a total of 37.5cm and lost 3kg.

I have never liked exercise but I found I looked forward to my HYPOXI sessions, being able to chat with the lovely Bohdana and her team and also feeling like I was relaxing by watching Netflix or reading my book – it made it feel like I wasn’t exercising at all.

My Hypoxi journey started because I wasn’t happy with my shape and losing just weight was not helping. I was recovering from a back injury, so the gentle exercise that HYPOXI offers was perfect. I now feel confident to wear my swimmers on my up coming Europe holiday.

Thank you Bohdana and team!! You will be seeing me again I’m sure.

*individual results may vary*

Christine Clark – June 2019

After having another baby, I returned to Hypoxi Lane Cove yet again to kickstart regaining my pre-pregnancy body and it has delivered excellent results for the second time. Being very pressed for time with a newborn, exercising effectively is really essential and I looked forward to my sessions each week as I could see results soon and fast.

Hypoxi is definitely more effective than just using ordinary gym equipment, so it can compliment your normal fitness regime or you can simply just do Hypoxi like I did.

Also, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Lane Cove branch as the ladies there are knowledgeable and welcoming and make the atmosphere enjoyable and relaxing. I highly recommend this body shaping program!

During 8 sessions Christine lost 17cm – well done!!

*individual results may vary*

Cyndi Laird – May 2019

My HYPOXI experience was fantastic – I lost 17.5 cms and got back into clothes that have been too small. I have osteo arthritis in my knees so HYPOXI is the only type of exercise I can do.

I feel great and am looking forward to continuing my journey with the team at HYPOXI Wynyard and looking fabulous for my daughter’s wedding.

*individual results may vary*

Paula Castillo – April 2019

I’m just over half way into my 2 month program and couldn’t be happier! I must admit I started my sessions as a bit of a sceptic but started seeing results really early on.
Bohdana and Jana at Hypoxi Wynyard/Circular Quay have made me feel so welcome and supported; it’s really given me the boost I needed to kick-start my fitness regime. I’m very excited to see my final results!

Paula lost so far 15.5 cm in 14 sessions (2x p.w. cycling, 1x p.w. combo cycling & HDC)

*individual results may vary*

Maria Somera – March 2019

When I joined HYPOXI I was very skeptical, thinking HYPOXI could be one of the programs that does not give results and just promises you miracles, BUT I was proven wrong!

After my 24 sessions with HYPOXI – it’s all worth it! I used to weigh 77.4 kilos and I’m now 4 kilos lighter and 14 cm skinnier.
I am suffering from hormonal imbalances (high blood pressure and underperforming thyroid) that makes me gain more weight and loose the flabs harder. HYPOXI helped me jump-start my weight loss journey. The program that helps me exercise with lesser impact to my knees and hips.

Finally, there is one program that works!

Jessica Macri – February 2019

I’ve been doing HYPOXI for four weeks, three sessions a week leading up to my big wedding day. So far I’ve seen a massive difference in my waist and my thighs and I’m absolutely loving it. Also, I suffer from Endometriosis and normally I can’t do traditional exercise in the gym but HYPOXI has allowed me to exercise three times a week and feeling my best! I thoroughly recommend HYPOXI!

Jess lost amazing 33cm in 14 combo sessions and fitted comfortably into her wedding dress.

Hida – December 2018

I have done 12 sessions in HYPOXI Circular Quay studio and am extremely happy with the results.

Highly recommended, thank you.

Hilda lost 18.5cm and 1.4kg in 12 sessions.

Rima – November 2018

Lost 43.5cm in 25 cycling sessions

I am so thrilled with my results at HYPOXI Lane Cove. HYPOXI was the perfect exercise regime for me that fit into my busy lifestyle with a 2 year old and a baby. I was looking for the right fitness solution to help me shift my extra baby weight and quickly worked out that gyms, personal training and fitness groups weren’t the right fit for me with two young children in tow.
All staff at HYPOXI Lane Cove were extremely accommodating and friendly and encouraged me to bring my children whilst I did the low impact cycling. I followed their dietary guidelines and could only commit to twice a week even though the recommendation was three times a week. It proved extremely effective for me and was the weight loss jump start I needed.
It was quick, not strenuous and I would never have had these results, had I visited a gym for example twice a week, as Hypoxi’s 1/2 hour supercharged sessions would be my warm up time in gym.

Thank you to all the staff at HYPOXI Lane Cove. I will always be grateful for your friendliness, support and encouragement during my weight-loss journey.

Eleni Loupis – October 2018

I had been wanting to try hypoxi for a while and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge. The ladies at HYPOXI Circular Quay are amazing, helpful and friendly.

With 3 sessions a week and following the dietary recommendations I can now fit back into my size 10 clothes. I will definitely be back and cannot recommend HYPOXI Circular Quay enough!!!

Eleni lost 39.5cm in 42 sessions in 3 months – AMAZING!

*individual results may vary*
Jessica Moussa – September 2018

I heard about Hypoxi on the radio and was intrigued to learn more about it, so I decided to book an appointment at Lane Cove Studio. I enjoyed the session and liked the concept behind it and I found it to be very simple yet effective. I did Hypoxi for 8 weeks and lost 16cm which I was extremely happy about. I would recommend Hypoxi to anyone who isn’t too big on hitting the gym but is looking for a little light training and wanting to lose centimetres.

The Lane Cove team were awesome, friendly and super helpful. Thank you guys. Hope to see you soon for some more sessions :).

Julieanne Horsman – July 2018

Hypoxi helped me go from a size 14 to 10 in just four months and now I’m telling everyone who will listen!

I committed to three sessions per week and followed the directions not to eat for two hours afterwards and not to have any carbs for another four hours. Surprisingly it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The exercise itself isn’t hard either and you can be on your phone or reading a book at the same time. When I signed up I thought it was expensive but once I saw results I realised it was more than worth it.

I couldn’t be happier with my new slimmer physique and I’m lapping up the compliments from friends and family who have all noticed!

Matt P.  – June 2018

This was my second occasion to use HYPOXI and I cannot credit the team at Sydney Circular Quay enough. Prior to starting HYPOXI the first time, I was a somewhat sceptical bloke. Marketing hype, fluffy, “feel good” PR, I thought. How wrong I was.
From the start the team were very helpful. They understood my needs and helped me meet my goals in a non pressured, relaxed way. No high-pressure, “look at me” types here, just good quality professionals.

Combining HYPOXI, three times a week, with portion control helped me achieve results I am very happy with.

Thank you.

Matt did 3 months of HYPOXI Vacunaut sessions, 3 times a week and lost 4kg and 17 centimetres together from his waist, stomach and hips area (2-3 dress sizes).

Alina – May 2018

Everyone I knew was doing HYPOXI but I didn’t really understand the hype until I started myself.

After just 8 sessions I was so surprised by my HYPOXI results! I lost over 30cm all around and was completely blown away. The workouts are so easy and the team at Lane Cove were so accommodating with my busy schedule and always tried to fit me in.

I would highly recommend HYPOXI to anyone who’s looking for a little weight loss boost!

Having had amazing results before her wedding, Alina returned to us in April 2018 and lost whopping 30cms from her body in 8 sessions and has more sessions ahead of her

Susan G. – April 2018

Thank you HYPOXI.
I am very happy with the results that I have seen so far. Even at this stage, half way through my plan I have lost several kilos and 10cms from my waist hips and legs.

Combining HYPOXI with portion control of my diet, I am delighted with the results and look forward to further improvements as I near the completion of my plan.

One of the things that I discovered having now competed my course of treatments, is how valuable using HDC machine is. While I thought from the beginning that it was extremely relaxing treatment (in HDC machine), I found after initially stopping, how much more effective the other part of the treatment became when I resumed. HDC seemed to prepare my skin and the whole body to more effectively utilize the other part of the treatment. I am very happy with my great results.

Thank you, Susan

Susan did so far 10 combo sessions (HDC and Vacunaut) and additional 8 Vacunaut sessions (without HDC) and lost 4.5kgs and 35cm overall.

Gwen Richetti  – March 2018

I am absolutely thrilled with my Hypoxi results. I am someone who undergoes regular exercise, is conscious about my eating but nothing seemed to shift the last few kilos or to help with my cellulite.  After my Hypoxi treatment, I have dropped over a dress size and now weigh less and have a more toned shape and appearance to my body.  I am now looking even better than before getting married (my original goal) and three children.

I actually am looking better than I did over twenty years ago, if not my best ever!

What a 40th birthday present!  

Thank you to all the Hypoxi Lane Cove team.

Dan – February 2018

I’m extremely pleased with my results of HYPOXI. After just 1 month, I managed to lose 5kg and 6.5cm of stubborn fat from my stomach. The workouts were easy, suit was painless and the diet was clear and simple to follow even with my busy work schedule. I would highly recommend Bohdana and the team from HYPOXI Lane Cove to anyone looking to shed some kilos without all the stress that comes with hours at the gym.

Amanda – February 2018

The staff at HYPOXI Lane Cove were very welcoming and helpful. Veronika, Bohdana and the team provided us with great diet advice to accompany our HYPOXI sessions keeping us on track. It’s an easy workout that is soft on the body.

Jay J –  December 2017

“I am very happy with the results  I have achieved after 2 months of HYPOXI Dermalogy (HDC) & cycling sessions.  I have lost  39cm in total and 5kg. 

I feel so much better that I can now fit into my clothes comfortably and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to the team at HYPOXI Lane Cove