Written by: Jonathan Simpson

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When you follow a healthy lifestyle, you can find it hard to stay on track when it comes to eating out at a restaurant. While at home, you will work hard to ensure all your meals meet the healthy guidelines that you are following. Don’t let eating out make you feel like you’re moving backwards from your goals.

Many people answer this issue by deciding to not eat out. The problem is that this is not realistic as eating out will happen at some point. Restaurants are social gathering points and fun to go to. Instead of staying in, you need to know that you can eat healthy while at a restaurant. All you need is to follow certain tips to ensure your choices are healthy.

Check The Menu

When you look at the menu, you should focus on certain words that tell you the item should be avoiding. The bad words that you need to look for including:

• Dipped
• Cream
• Pan-fried
• Crumbed
• Alfredo
• Crispy
Dishes that use these words in their description will generally have hidden salt and fat. The good words that you need to look for include:

• Steamed
• Grilled
• Seared
• Roasted

• Baked
• Braised
• Broiled

Eat Some Meat

Meat is a great source of protein (that is if you are not vegetarian) and when you have a lean cut, it will be a great healthy option to order. If you are going to order meat, ensure that the cut is a lean option of beef. The good options including skirt steak, sirloin, flank steak, filet mignon and tenderloin.

If you are in doubt about the meat cut, you should consider chicken instead. This is a good low-fat, high-protein option. Ideally, you will want to look for chicken breasts.
Research indicates there are links between your diet and tissue healing and injury prevention. So it’s important to avoid these bad foods when it comes to eating out, the experts at Flex Osteopathy agree. When it comes to pain prevention they know what the studies indicate. They said: “A healthy diet is imperative to aiding in recovery, studies suggest when people have sustained an injury a body requires an increase in certain nutrients”.

Order The Fish

Fish is a good option at restaurants if it is not fried. There are a lot of different seafood dishes you can order including baked, steamed, sautéed and grilled. Grilled seafood is a favourite among many healthy eaters.
Fish will provide the protein that you need and keep you full without any empty calories. Of course, the fish dishes may be more expensive, but it is healthier. Ideally, you will want to get fresh fish options.

Ask For More Vegetables

The side of vegetables you get at a restaurant will generally be more garnish than a real side order. This is why you should ask for double or triple the serving of vegetables and offer to pay extra for this. In many cases, you will not be charged for the extra order of vegetables. You should also take a look at the side option on the menu and see what you can get.
The one problem you face with vegetables in restaurants is that they are often cooked in butter. Never feel embarrassed to ask for different way to prepare them, most restaurants are happy to oblige. This will help you avoid empty calories and fats while eating out.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask

It is recommended that you ask the wait staff questions about the food and how it is prepared if you are unsure about anything. This is the only way you will know what you are getting. This can make the difference between choosing a dish with hundreds of calories and unnecessary fat and not.

It can be uncomfortable at first, but you need to know what you are putting into your body. The more you ask, the easier it will get and soon you will not feel uncomfortable doing this.

Healthy Diet And Therapeutic Massage

Studies have even shown a link between therapeutic massage and healthy diets. Yasmin Lang, an expert in the field of massage therapy is knowledgeable of the link between the two. She said this: “Therapeutic massage has many benefits like relaxing tense abdominal and intestinal walls, as well as stimulating activity of your major digestive organs. But without a diet in nutritious, carefully prepared food, this connection doesn’t happen.” So it’s worth asking questions for the benefit of your body!

Look For Certain Desserts

One of the fun parts of eating out is getting a dessert you normally would not, but this can be a problem when you want to eat healthily. This does not mean you cannot get a wonderful dessert while you are out. One of the ways you can get around the dessert issue is to get a dessert for the table.
When you do this, you will not eat the entire dessert yourself which makes you feel bad. You can enjoy a few bites of the dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you do not want to share your dessert, you can also look for a simple dessert such as fruit sorbet or a bowl of berries.

Drink Water

Your primary beverage when you eat out should be water. Water slows down your eating and will help you enjoy the meal more. You will also give your brain time to get the message from your stomach that you are full stopping you from overeating.
If you find plain water boring, you can ask for a slice of lemon as well. It is always a good place to start, but you can also order a different beverage after your first glass of water.

Avoid The Fancy Drinks

If you have to order an alcoholic beverage, you need to avoid pina coladas, margaritas and other fancy mixed drinks. These drinks will have a lot of sugar as well as empty calories and other processed flavours. Some better options would be a light beer, a glass of wine, a simple martini or a vodka and tonic. These are drinks that work better with your healthy eating goals, particularly when you do not drink often.

If you need tips on how to boost your water intake, head to the Hypoxi Blog for tips and other great ideas!